How Do You Find Your Customers?

To answer this question, it might be easier to find out the opposite first.


Don’t be.

People always know what they DON’T want better than what they do want.

Just ask your girlfriend/boyfriend or whoever “what do you want to eat today?”… They will probably think “hmmmm…. not sure….” or “uhh… anything”.

But! If you ask her/him “What do you NOT want to eat today?”

You’ll get a response very quickly “not pizza”, “not halal”, “not Mcdonalds”…

You get the point.


Here Are The Steps to Finding out What Your Customers Want:

STEP 1. Ask yourself these questions, it’ll save you a shit ton of time.

“What audience can you NOT serve and bring value to?”

“Who can NOT afford your products/services?”

Go ahead and write down the list of people you can think of. I’m sure you won’t have too hard of a time.

Once you’ve done that, great job! You should now have a better idea of who you can serve.

STEP 2. Make sure there are 100k people or more in your enthusiastic market. You can do that by making sure there’s more than one community.

-Google: “running for women forum”
-Facebook: “running for women” (Look for groups)
-LinkedIn: “running for women forum” (Mostly for B2B)

STEP 3. You really want to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. This is defining your customer avatar.

“What does your avatar really want to achieve?” Could be getting that 6 pack abs or financial freedom or quitting work someday to build their own business. Please note, you seriously shouldn’t be answering this question for them. You need to ask them what they want!

“What life context is your avatar at? (example: at a full-time job or has been trying to start a business for 3 years)

So hopefully these questions got your brain moving because the information I’ve just given you will not only save you money, but dreadful hours of time wasted. Exaggeration much? Maybe, but if you look at case studies of Mcdonalds’ back in the early 2000’s, they were losing billions of dollars. Why? Because they stopped caring and trying to understand their customers.

Here’s what I would suggest if you have no foundation or understanding whatsoever of customer avatar, if you haven’t already, read Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson.

Russell covers very clearly and very simply on the foundations on how to define your customer. Read it, implement it, and add the questions I threw at you and you’re golden.

No BS. Do it and you’ll see results.