3 Time Management Techniques to Have ‘More Time’

Time management is such a crucial thing in our lives because as we all know… you cannot get time back. Yet, people rather spend more time looking for ways to save money than save time. You never get time back, no matter what.

I’ve met a lot of people over the last 3 years who told me they never had enough time in their day to start a business and wanted to wait until they had “more time”.

Ok, seriously, let’s pause and analyze the flaws in that way of thinking…
because… we each have 24 hours each and every single day we are alive… and that’s not going to change.

Here’s the hard truth… YOU CAN LITERALLY DIE TOMORROW.

However, there are ways to definitely make us feel like we have ‘more time’ in a day.

We’ll get to that, but let’s first start with a few questions: why is it that some people just get so much more done in a day than most people? It’s not because they are smarter or have “more time”.

Do you feel productive today?

How about yesterday? The week before? Last month? And the month before?

Have you taken a look at how productive you’ve been?

Naturally, as humans, we’re always trying to find a way to do things faster with less energy. In other words, doing things more productively. However, even with all these books and tools teaching us and providing us with new ways to be productive, it doesn’t really help. It’s ironic. We spend so much time learning how to be more productive that we end up not being productive. Don’t worry, this is not a blog post to shame you. I’m just as guilty as I used to be obsessed with new productivity books and tools.

If you’re thinking “I’m already productive, I don’t need your advice”. Well if you are, then I challenge you to investigate what I’m about to share with you because in my humble opinion… this is more valuable than all the productive books/tools I’ve read and learned from.

Here it is…

3 Simple Ways to Get More Done That You Can Start Implementing Today!

  1. Get Rid of Time-Killers

What are time-killers? They could be tasks you’re spending time on that pays minimum wage… for example, data input on an excel sheet, cleaning your room/office and even cooking.

Perry Marshall said this best “Spend your time on activities that are $1,000/hr instead of $3/hr”.

You might like cooking, but is it what you need to be spending time on to achieve your goals? We all have 24 hours each day. So why do some people get so much more done?

Handoff low-paying activities (Trading a little money for more time). Find an outsourcer that can handle these time killers.

Whether you believe in what I just said or not, it’s the truth. You won’t see billionaires spending their time on any of those things.

You never get time back (unless you got a time-traveling machine … well then… you are god).

2. Analyzing Business

You should spend more time thinking about the best way to excel in your business.
“What is the goal of our business right now?”

“Is there something that we can do that can make us get there faster?”

Roland Fraiser once said, “The most high-level activity that you can do is think about your business…” and he’s absolutely right because wherever you put your energy into, it will flow in that direction.

3. Work With & NOT AGAINST Your Human Biology

What did Einstein, Aristotle, and Salvador Dali have in common? All three of these three great minds knew how to use a little bit of sleep to inspire great ideas.

Working 10 hours a day after you are hung-over, have food poisoning or have a foggy mind is equivalent to 1 hour or less of focused work

Eat Healthily – Prevents unexpected problems like stomach-aches and brain-fog

Sleep Schedule – Have a sleep schedule that makes you wake up energized

Exercise – Gets you more alert and focused

Hydrate – Without water, you are likely to slow down brain function

Brain-Fog – Take breaks or take a power-nap or meditate

We are only human. We are not computers. There is no need to feed your Ego and prove how “tough” you are. Optimal performance will vary based on how you take care of yourself.

There you have it, folks. The information is there and it’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

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