ATTENTION Experts: Why You Need To STOP Reading Now

There is always so much to learn and improve in your craft.

Reading and gathering knowledge is the activity of a student.  Someone who is looking to learn more in order to better themselves in their craft.

However, there comes a time when reading more will not give you more fulfillment.

The only way to continue growing is to become the teacher.

Because only when the student becomes the teacher, can true mastery be gained.  

And from then on, the teacher goes towards mastery of the craft and spreads knowledge down to the next student. 

The teacher never obtains the grandmaster level without having students.  Because only with students can they see the countless angles that a problem can be approached at. 

They see the matrix.

However, at the same time, the student stage cannot be skipped.  A student must be worthy enough before he/she takes on the role of teacher.

When the student stage is skipped, we all know the result… terrible teachers that perpetuate misinformation and create jaded students.

So, how do you know when to stop reading? When to stop being a student?

It comes down to results.

When you can repeatedly deliver the results that your students are looking for, then you know that you are ready to advance.

Maybe some of you are asking “How do I know that if I don’t have students yet?”

Well, to find students, look into relevant communities that you are in touch with and offer free help.  This way, you can test and see if your process can get results and be replicated.

However, if you already have some students and they adore you for the value you bring to their lives, then you are already on your way to becoming a master at your craft and creating massive goodwill in the market.