Next Time You Steal, Remember This…

Look, there’s no shame in it.  Everyone does it… (Even though mom always told us not to)

No, I am not talking about shoplifting….

Today on the internet, thousands of businesses are look-alike businesses.  Different shades of the same thing…

Advertising is regurgitated over and over again. Everyone is copying their “successful” competitors.

But numbers don’t lie… Customers are glazing over the ads with distain and annoyance.

What are you currently stealing?

Competitor landing pages?  Facebook ads?

It seems like every time a business appears successful, the advertisements and marketing efforts are copied by business owners with so much confidence that it will perform.

“But Brian! It works for them… so logically it has to work for me too right?”

The answer is a VERY situational yes.

In the case that this business is:

  1. Selling a very similar product to yours that solves the same problem
  2. The product was released very recently and hasn’t gotten mass appeal yet
  3. You know for a fact that this product is selling very well without all the muscle of a huge brand

In all other cases, its a resounding no.

But why is that the case?

For one simple reason…

Markets change. All the time.

10 years ago, salesmen might have said “Wow! Look ma! Theres this app that gets you a taxi whenever you want!”

At the time, people said “Cool! I want this!”


If you saw the same ad for a completely new app today, what would you think?

Maybe something along the lines of “Uhh… Isn’t this just a knockoff of Uber?”


So I challenge you to ask this about your own business.

Is your business unique or is it presenting itself as a knockoff of another business in your customer’s mind?