Do You Have an Enemy?

Someone or Something You are struggling with?…

In every community, there is a common enemy. It could be a weekly social gathering, cults, and business communities.

For example, you could be reading an ad about Health without knowing it is an ad, and then you read this along the first few paragraphs: “This killer is operating with the FULL knowledge and APPROVAL of the USA Government…”

Not only does this create fear, but also confirming a common enemy…

And by the end of the ad, it gives you a one-time offer on their 1-Year Membership to receive all the benefits to be kept updated on the newest health finds as well as 12 monthly issues.

So what’s the point of me typing all that?

If you’re creating a mass movement for a cause, your business, or whatever it is, there needs to be a common enemy…

Here’s a quote from Russell Brunson that’ll connect the dots for you if you’re still not sure what I’m talking about:

“Nothing bonds like having a common enemy. I realize how ugly this sounds and yet it is true just the same. Those who understand this can utilize this. Those who don’t understand it, or worse, understand but refuse to address it, are throwing away one of the most effective ways of connecting with others. No matter what you may think of this, rest assured that people have enemies. All people. It has been said that everyone you meet is engaged in a great struggle. The thing they are struggling with is their enemy. Whether it is another individual, a group, an illness, a setback, a rival philosophy or religion, or what have you, when one is engaged in a struggle, one is looking for others to join him. Those who do become more than friends. They become partners.”

PS. Yes, it’s a cat with some devil ears. I love cats.