Who Else Read This Book?

Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” turns 83 this year.

I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it.

In 2011, NYTimes stated that it has sold more than 30 million copies as it continues to be a best seller today. 

Seems like it’ll continue to sell forever!

So, what exactly about it makes this product evergreen? 

The image posted is one of the first ads for this book written by Victor Schwab way back in February 1937. If you read through this sales letter, it is amazing how most of what was said still applies to people today.

Yes, there’s a lot of craze right now for self-help products/apps/books and all that, but it’s not just the market that’s great…

It’s the copy.

Just read that headline and tell me it’s not appealing.

Yeah… there are people who will say “I don’t need anyone, No need for friends or any of that … .etc .etc …”

It’s true, we all value different things… but at the end of the day… we all have the same needs as humans. 

We need to mingle and have that feeling of belonging. 

We’re social creatures. 

And that’s exactly why this title is so appealing and continues to be a bestseller today…

So yes, there’s a point to posting this right? 


Copy is powerful. 

Extremely fucking powerful.

It can be for that new product launch you’re getting ready for… or that new online course… a webinar launch, or even your current sales pages.

Changing a word, a few words or even the whole damn thing on your sales page can seriously add another digit or two, or even three to your monthly sales. 

Just imagine that for a second.

Sounds like a big fat lie, doesn’t it?

Actually yes it is…

…only if you’re working with copywriters who have no idea what they are doing.

And by no idea, I mean the following:

-they don’t know the importance of customer research (we’re talking about 40-100 pages of research here) and actually speaking to customers…

-they don’t know how to speak the language of your customers

-they don’t know how to create copy that is intellectually interesting…

-and most importantly… they don’t know how to create copy that is emotionally compelling

If you don’t have that many pages (or more) about who your customers are, you might want to get on that… (refer back to the McDonald’s post I had up last week)

Ok let me just be clear first before I get any ‘hate messages’…

No, what I’ve stated doesn’t apply to every business. There are businesses running fine and amazingly well without ever having to get someone review their copy.

And no. This isn’t a sales pitch. 

So what businesses could really benefit with amazing copy?

Well… probably good to ask yourself if your sales have been doing well recently.

Let’s start with that.

If you’re not killing it in sales for your business and not living the life you always dreamed of… then it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and reanalyze some things…

Not convinced? Just think about Dale Carnegie’s book again or any successful published book out there today. Their headlines is the 80/20… it’s what generally catches people’s attention first. 

It’s the copy!

That’s all folks.