• Really serious company. They sell concrete numbers, not impressions, and they risk their own money in doing that. I loved their approach to the business.
    Name Carlo Tafuri Founder and COO at IDT S.p.A. -

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Mikko Hyppönen Mikko Hyppönen, TED Keynote Speaker & CRO of F-Secure

Over the last 25 years, I've worked with many different companies on many different projects. With that experience, I was impressed with the amount of dedication that 8 Ave Media put into their work.

Misha Gulko Misha Gulko, CEO of Path of Cha

Chen really helped me to grow my business by setting the goals and priorities right, by optimizing every aspect of my website and by aiming my advertisement campaigns to target exactly those who had to be reached.  One of the best qualities that I enjoyed about Henry is that he was always there when I had a question or concern and he was always very clear and straight to the point - never left me confused or a matter unresolved.

Gabe Tuft Gabe Tuft, Founder of Body Spartan, Ex-WWE Pro-Wrestler

I wanted to say thank you for everything that you guys have done. You've done a great job with us. I have only good things to say about 8 Ave.

Andrew Cameron Andrew Cameron, CEO of Wala Investments

I reached out to Henry and his team at 8 Ave Media and I was very impressed with their offering and how they put their clients first.  I was initially enquiring for one of our companies but I am already considering who else could benefit from their services.

If you are looking at growing your own ecommerce sales, the best decision you can make is to reach out and talk with Henry asap!

Maxime Witters Maxime Witters, CEO at Airmilo

8 Ave Media are true experts in growing your business. After a chat and call I knew immediately what to do. They gave me proper advice on how with easy steps I could get my business out there. They are a young ambitious team with proper work ethics and the typical American drive.

Anthony Yoon Anthony Yoon, Founder of Ronin Division

8 Ave Media are absolutely keen on making sure customers are happy with their service. They're passionate about making your business become successful and most importantly, treating you as a person, a friend instead of one of many clients to please. They are one the hardest working people I've come across.

Brooklyn, NY

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